Premier, Personalized boarding

With spacious, comfortable accommodations and a team of dedicated caregivers, we provide a home away from home for your beloved pet.

Our boarding

Each dog has their own private space with access to water and a bed. We do not require group play so if your dog prefers humans over other canines, they will spend their time with humans instead. We are also able to cater to those dogs that do not want to be around humans, with our guillotine door system we are able to care for them while giving them space they want. 


Quick Facts

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Boarding charges are based off a hotel. It is a full charge for the first day regardless what time you check in. If picking up by 10-12 there is no charge for the day of pickup. If picking up between 6-8 it is a full charge for the day. Boarding is available Monday Sunday however we do not have pick-ups or drop-offs available on Sunday.

For any questions regarding changes to your boarding, questions about scheduling or tours please text or call Taylor at 616-216-1115


Prices vary based on holidays

Boarding Faqs

Every dog that stays with us, for a night or a week, is treated like our own. We are also pet parents and know how important your dog is to you, like our dogs are to us. We provide the upmost care and attention while your four legged friend is staying with us. 

Will my dog get playtime?

Each dog is temperament tested for play, if passing them temperament test, they will play with their friend every time they go outside.

Every dog goes outside into our fenced in yards four-five times a day or every couple of hours. 

We require all dogs to be up to date on rabies, bordatelle, dlhpp flee/tick, and heartworm medication. That would need to be uploaded to the customer portal prior to your dogs visit. During their stay you will need to bring their food and any treats you would like us to give! We provide all bowls, scoops and beds.

We are happy to give your dog any medications you provide. We cannot give flee/tick, or heartworm medication, or any type of shot. Please provide along with the medication cheese or pill pockets. 

We do not require dogs to be spayed or neutered however we do not allow females in heat to be in the facility.

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Through training methods personalized and developed over thirty years we guarantee all of our training successful. 


Daycare is a great way to alleviate boredom and excess energy in your dog on those day where you just can’t take them on the extra run or ball time